adjustable frame

Adjustable Frame:

Throat Opening

Mini Size 4-1/2’’(114.3mm)

Max Size 7-3/4’’(196.8mm)

Mini Size 4-3/4’’(120.6mm)

Max Size 4-3/4’’(120.6mm)

Mini Size 5’’(127mm)

Max Size 8-3/4’’(222.2mm)

Mini Size 5-1/4’’(133.3mm)
Max Size 9-1/4’’(234.9mm)
Mini Size 5-3/4’’(146mm)
MaxSize 10-1/4’’(260.3mm)
Mini Size 6-1/4’’(158.7mm)
Max Size 11-1/4’’(285.7mm)
Mini Size 6-1/2’’(165.1mm)
MaxSize 11-3/4’’(298.4mm)
Mini Size 6-3/4’’(171.4mm)
MaxSize 12-1/4’’(311.1mm)
Mini Size 7’’(177.8mm)
MaxSize 12-3/4’’(323.8mm)
Mini Size 7-1/4’’(184.1mm)
Max Size 13-1/4’’(336.5mm)

Adjustable frame is GH patented product.
This type frame depth can be adjusted from 5-7/8’’ to 8-5/8’’.If the user is not sure the wall thickness,,tải game android hack, then the adjustable frame is the best choice.It is indeed an historic technical innovation.

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