Non-Domestic Properties It’s a legal requirement that fire doors must be installed in all properties that are used for non-domestic purposes. This includes businesses, factories, commercial properties and public buildings. Fire doors must be placed so that they form a clear horizontal or vertical escape route throughout the building. A horizontal route can direct people to a fireproof area on a particular floor of a building or to the outside of the building A vertical route will direct people to a stairwell Domestic Dwellings Over Three Storeys Any domestic dwelling that is three storeys high or over must have fire doors installed. All doors between habitable rooms and stairwells must be fire doors. If there is an internal garage or a converted loft, these areas also need to have fire doors installed as entryways to the house. Flats and Houses in Multiple Occupation All blocks of flats or houses in multiple occupation (HMO) must have a fire door at the entrance point of any communal areas. Any flats that are 4.5 metres above ground level must have fire doors fitted between habitable rooms and a fire door as the front door. Ground floor flats are required to have a fire door at the entrance if the front door opens onto a communal area. If the internal rooms have easy access to the outside, they do not need to be fitted with fire doors. If you want to know more about our fire door product, please contact us on alibaba
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