What Paneled option does GH offer?
                                                        ---Two panel square top launched


In the past time, GH can only make flush, 6 panel type of door, with painting or with wood grain ; since July1st, we launched 2 panel doors designs together with Intertek WH 3hr certificates up to 8080 size.

It is reported that it will explore the Entrance door market in fire door field, no matter for Hotel, Villa or Business center. So far as we know, when someone refers fire door, what impression stuck in mind by virtue of appearance?

–Ugly flush simple grey door, it is in deeply impression, which gives us feeling of cold, stiff and unemotional. The achievements-2 panel door’s coming solve its fundamental concerns; it is beautified by diversified colors decorating the skin, and which strikes you more Nature, warm and comfortable.



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